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Somersault has filed the patent of this net in 1997. This is a hand-woven net with a special anchorage system which improves elasticity and efficiency, thus providing the best jump experience. The specific material used for the clamps ensures reduced friction between the net and the clamp, thus extending the duration of the product. Available in yellow, white and black. Our net is issued with our name printed on it, but you can choose to have any other sign on it. 

STANDARD SIZE 4,25x1,83m

BABY SIZE 3,10x1,30m

We can also make tailor-made nets, depending on the dimensions of your trampoline. Contact us to have a detailed quotation for your jumping nets!

Available in yellow, black and white

Custom-made size available

Nylon net

Plastic clamps


100% Made in Italy

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+39 085 800 38 16


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