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By Somersault / 02/03/2020 / Posted in retailtainment, playground, shopping centre, mall

The retail world changed dramatically after the astonishing rise of e-commerce: in the last decades, more and more consumers have been choosing to buy several products online, negatively affecting the physical retail market. According to Eurostat, people using the internet for ordering goods or services in Europe has doubled in the last ten years. In 2018, 60% of the consumers bought something online (against 32% in 2008); globally, the percentage reaches 75%. In order to survive in this fast-changing environment, retailers need to keep up with the latest industrial trends and drive their offer according to the changing consumer behavior. 

Researchers from Multimedia University and North South University, state that shopping is a leisure activity driven by pleasure motives: in this perspective, we should think about shopping as an experience people have, instead of seeing it as a series of aseptic transactions to buy things they need. 

A popular way to increase and improve time spent in retail stores, shopping malls, etc… is to provide entertainment solutions, and here comes retailtainment. This widespread phenomenon aims at improving and integrating the customers’ shopping experience, by offering additional facilities. Services have become integral part of the shopping environment, a worthwhile, strategic way of creating additional shopping value. One of the major trends in shopping centers is implementing in-store playground areas for children, since families are one of the key targets of the industry: here people can find a family environment to spend quality time with their dear ones. This kind of service is perceived as an added value by the client, enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, these areas could host dedicated educational workshops and events which can help kids to integrate socially and learn to be consumers. According to a study by Trinity College and the ESSCA School of Management, children love to actively take part in the learning process and acquire consumer knowledge autonomously. Edutainment experiences, in physical stores, positively stimulate family discussions during and after the store visit, allowing children to participate in the family’s purchasing process in a more conscious way. It is important to stress that, in fact, children are powerful influencers in the family’s shopping process.

Service extension is more successful when customers perceive that the service provides a real added value. For instance, the benefit may be identified in their children’s consciousness, active participation and entertainment. Retailers can thus enjoy a competitive edge over rivals, gain shoppers’ loyalty and participation, therefore increasing their revenue over time. 

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Tagged in: retailtainment, playground, shopping centre, mall


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